Tubertini UK

Tubertini UK is based near Enniskillen, Northern Ireland and supplies the Tubertini brand to tackle shops and dealers all across the UK and Ireland. The Italian manufacturer is known for its high quality tackle and many of Europe's top competitive anglers continue to win by using Tubertini products in Open, National and International competition. Why not join in our success today?

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Established in 1978 by Gabriele Tubertini, the company original objective was to satisfy the demanding requirements of the Italian competitive angler, or the Matchman, particularly the fresh water (coarse) angler. Already established as a brand leader for 'sport fishing' during the last 10 years Tubertini has expanded its range of products for competitive fishing: Sea-Fishing, Lure Fishing, Specimen Carp Fishing, Trout Fishing and Surf Casting.

To become a leader in all these angling disciplines and remain at the top of the market Tubertini has built itself around a team of world class anglers in each area. These anglers complete the testing of tackle items before Tubertini introduce the products to the retail market, only the very best in high quality products make it into the Tubertini catalogue.

Competitive Angling

Team Lenz Emiliana Tubertini can boast 3 times World Champions and Six times Italian Champion within the Squad, including Ferruccio Gabba, Franco Gallinani, Simon Carraro, Giuliano Prandi, Simono Pollastri, Gabriele Tubertini and Glauco Tubertini.

Competing at the top of the sport allows us to produce the tackle demanded by the very best. Tubertini aims to present products that eclipse the demands of the modern match angler.